Included Backdrop Designs

Plain white backdrop.


Confetti backdrop, different size and color polka dots on a white backdrop.


Horizontal wood paneling with festive lights hanging at the top.

Medium Wood with Lights

Black Glitter: Eample of black backdrop with starry design

Black Glitter

Traditional art deco backdrop design. Black with gold lines.

Black Art Deco

Gold backdrop with blurred lighting.

Gold Bokeh

Limited Backdrop Designs

White Art Deco Backdrop

White Art Deco (+$100)

White Swirls Backdrop

White Swirls (+$100)

White Floral

White Floral (+$100)

White Falling Stars

White Falling Stars (+$100)

Gold Leaves

Gold Leaves (+$100)


Arrows (+$100)

Empty Room Interior White Wall And Wood Floor. 3d Render

Butterfly (+$100)

Green Leaves

Green Leaves (+$100)


Geometric (+$100)

Fun in the Sun

Fun In the Sun (+$100)

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes (+$100)

Warm Hibiscus

Warm Hibiscus (+$100)

Cloudy Sky

Cloudy Sky (+$100)


Flowers (+$100)

Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland (+$100)

Brick Wall

Brick Wall (+$100)

Wood Plank Wall

Wood Plank Wall (+$100)

Barn Door

Barn Door (+$100)

Black Backdrop

Black (+$100)

Black Damask

Black Damask (+$100)

Hanging Sequin Backdrops

Gold Sequin

Gold Sequin (+$150)

Red Sequin

Red Sequin (+$150)

Silver Sequin

Silver Sequin (+$150)

Black Sequin

Black Sequin (+$150)

Rose Gold Sequin

Rose Gold Sequin (+$150)

Champagne Sequin

Champagne Sequin (+$150)

Custom Backdrops

Empty Room Interior White Wall And Wood Floor. 3d Render

Green Screen (+$200)

Step-and-Repeat Backdrop

Custom Backdrop (+$200)